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Renovation • Stairway Rebuild

Old Town East - Columbus, Ohio

The goal of this project was to remove an existing stairway which was way too steep, and reverse its direction to allow for proper rise/run dimensions. A landing was added, and a turn in the stair to allow this to be brought up to code. In doing so, a second floor shower had to be removed, and bedroom doorways had to be closed and moved to the opposite sides of the rooms. 

A first floor room was given a wider opening and a sliding barn door to double as an office and a guest room. Storage space was added above the new stairway, and some plumbing was also brought up to code.

Franklin Ave First Floor Plan.jpg
"Before" and Progress photos
Franklin Ave Stair section.jpg
acd star only.png
Residential Design Build text.jpg
Furnishings text link.jpg
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